What types of cafe rankings are published by Beanhunter?

Each day Beanhunter publishes three different types of cafe rankings. Each ranking is published on a per city basis. 

Beanhunter's daily ranking types are:

Top Cafes 

Top Cafes represent the best cafes of all time in a particular city. Cafes ranked in Top Cafes are awarded with badge on their profile showing their position.

Top Cafes for Melbourne

New & Noteworthy Cafes

New and Noteworthy is designed to show off the newest cafes in a city.

New & Noteworthy Cafes for Melbourne

Popular Cafes

The Popular Cafes ranking shows the most active cafes in a city.

Popular Cafes for Melbourne

Annual Top Cafes Rankings

Once a year Beanhunter publishes the Top Cafes of the year for a number of cities.

You can see past results below:

Beanhunter Top Cafes 2015

Beanhunter Top Cafes 2014

Beanhunter Top Cafes 2013

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