How is a cafe's total score calculated?

A cafe's score is between 1 and 10 and is calculated from an average of it's review scores plus additional bonus points outlined below. 

  • In order for a cafe to receive a score it must have a minimum of two reviews. 
  • A cafe's score is recalculated after each new review. 
  • A cafe's position in rankings is correlated to it's score, however rankings often have other eligibility criteria that must also be met.

Review Bonuses 

A review may provide additional points to a cafe over and above the review score depending on the following:

  • The review is a credible review
  • The number of reviews by the reviewer
  • The number of photos by the reviewer
  • The recency of the review

Additionally, a cafe's score can be boosted by the total number of reviews for the cafe.

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