How can I update my automatically generated user name?

It's okay if you don't like your randomly generated username, it's easy to change!

To change your username you simply need to log into our website and go to and you can update your username to anything you like.

Why do you automatically generate these strange names?

When signing up with Beanhunter, if you use our Facebook signup function we will automatically generate a user name for you. We automatically generate a name as an alternative to using your real real name from Facebook without your permission.

Some examples of generated usernames are "Worrisome W6a Giesen", "Lucky Lamerzocco" and "Faithful Fiorenzato". 

At first, these user names may look a bit strange but they follow a simple pattern. We randomly select an adjective from a  basic list of adjectives and a piece of coffee equipment that starts with the same letter that we have stored in our database, for example "synesso", "esspresso" or "aeropress". 

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