How does paying with Beanhunter work?

Beanhunter is all about exploring cafes and sharing your experiences with your friends.  Beanhunter Pay allows you to purchase coffees in advance and and explore cafes in your area. Paying with Beanhunter saves you money and time.

  1. Preload your account via our app or website
  2. Find your cafe - Choose any participating coffee shop (view them all here)
  3. Select the number of coffees - On the cafe page, click the 'Pay' button and select the number of coffees you wish to order
  4. Present your phone to the waitstaff - Hand your phone to the cafe staff to punch in the code

Paying with Beanhunter is only available in Melbourne only at the moment, but is coming to more cities very very soon. This feature currently works in the Beanhunter iOS App and web browser on any smartphone.

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